One on One
Personal Training

This type of training is tailored to the individual client’s specific fitness goals and needs. One-on-one training allows the personal trainer to create a customized workout plan for the client, monitor their progress, and provide ongoing support and motivation.

Small Group
PT sessions

Small group personal training sessions are designed for groups of 2-4 clients who want to work out together with a personal trainer. This type of training is ideal for clients who want to exercise with friends or family members and still receive personalized attention from a trainer.

Buddy Sessions

Buddy sessions are designed for clients who want to work out with a partner or friend. This type of training can be a fun and motivating way to reach fitness goals while enjoying the social aspect of working out with a friend.


Transformation packages are designed for clients who want to make a significant change in their fitness level and body composition. These packages often include a combination of one-on-one training, nutritional guidance, and ongoing support and motivation to help clients reach their goals.

Fast Track

FasTrack sessions are intensive personal training sessions designed for clients who want to achieve rapid results in a short period. These sessions are usually done in a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) format and can be a great option for clients who have a busy schedule.


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